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“Since these painful yet rewarding years, i’ve made drastic changes to cut back on my biz expenses and start enjoying life more - starting with buying some pants.”

Personal style is an expression of your personality or identity, at least that’s how i’ve seen it; with the garments that clothe our nakedness, standing as a source of liberation to us more than a veil. It amplifies our inner self and extends that energy to the outer world. Some people don’t give a damn about what’s in their closet or what I just said, but some own it with pride. Ok now, let me digress from making the simple act of wearing a t-shirt sound profound for a sec.

I’ve experimented with looks over the years without shame, let me tell you. Whether It was straightening my naturally wavy curls, painting my finger nails black, breaking in some skinnies, krumping in tall tees, or suiting up for a dapper look; style and I have always had an open relationship. I’ll admit, i’ve never been afraid to wear what makes me feel good but i’ve also hadn’t had a consistent look for a long period of time either. Its always been an evolution.

While growing my design practice over the last 3 years the luxury to treat myself and shop for enjoyment has forced me to dress like a pauper and shut my eyes every time a GQ article floated across my vision. Since those painful yet rewarding years, i’ve made drastic changes to cut back on my biz expenses and start enjoying life more - starting with buying some pants.

I’ve since purchased those pants and came across a clothing genre that blew open my skull cap. Techwear, ever heard of it? I’m not going to talk about tech wear history, founders, or any techie shit at all. You’ll find plenty of that on google. But I will share a little tool i put together that can help my fellow techwear lovers & enthusiasts find their fave brands.

So what is techwear?

Here’s a definition i borrowed from an old article I came across: Techwear is clothing for everyday life with special fabric, construction and properties that allow for breathability, movement, water-resistance and comfort.

Let me include..

… That is also regarded as a type of clothing that demands double-takes from most humans as they expect you to pull dope magic out of your jacket.

Techwear styles

My first time learning of this unique fashion genre had me fantasizing about entering my office looking like a tech ninja, drinking honey-dew boba tea, and staying remarkably cool under the hot summer sun despite wearing three layers of black. In all reality I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in an outfit like that no matter how thin those layers get💀

There are a good number of different sublooks, or styles, within the genre itself. I like to think about the different styles as different Ninja clans, like from Naruto.. duh.

Heres an Interesting guide on different styles.


My original tech fantasy of an all black urban ninja is a bit novice; Besides iI’m technically (pun intended) still building my own wardrobe as I continue on my journey with techwear. i’ve leveled up since and my personal style evolved into something called the ‘greyman’ or what I like to call the ‘tech daddy’. style here by techwear guru Anton.

Checkout this great video on how to pull off the style by techwear guru Anton.

The ‘tech daddy’ look

The ‘tech daddy’ look

From youtube binges on every (major) video on techwear, to every (major) online article, blog, and forum; I combed through it all to bring the top active brands in the space, to your fingertips. I call it the ‘Index’. It’s not the greatest things since sliced bread🍞 but it will hopefully save ya’ll some precious time when you decide to invest in that fire-ass personal style of yours. 🔥

*price point is broken down as follows $ = 0 - 200 $$ = 200 - 500 $$$ = 500+

*price point is broken down as follows $ = 0 - 200 $$ = 200 - 500 $$$ = 500+

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I hope this Index makes your exploration into techwear world easier for y'all😉

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